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Alice In Chains

MTV Unplugged

Seattle grunge icons Alice

In Chains performing at

Brooklyn Academy of

Music’s Majestic Theatre

in 1996. As one of the final

concert appearances by

the late Layne Staley, this

recording is remembered

as one of the band’s all-

time greatest shows.

Parks Theatres - Theatre Two,

46 Cowan St, Angle Park

Sat 9 Mar at 8.30pm FP$33



MTV Unplugged

Nirvana delivered a

poignant live performance

for MTV Unplugged in

1993 that proved to be

one of their most popular

releases. Join Adelaide

bandWhite Collar

Heroes as they relive this


musical event.

Parks Theatres - Theatre One,

46 Cowan St, Angle Park

Fri-Sat 15-16 Mar at 8.30pm

FP$33 Ch$20

Mambo Italiano

A cultural celebration

loaded with traditional

songs and dances from

Italy. Indulge in a feast of

nourishing and delicious

Italian cuisine. Be

immersed in passionate,

romantic love songs;

classic popular hits; and

the wonderful sounds from

a live band including the


B. Social Restaurant

246 Fosters Rd, Oakden

Sat 16 Mar at 7pm FP$59