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Chalk & Cheese

Two very different comics

with two very different

sets. Ranging from the

quirky and absurd all the

way to office humour. This

show will have something

for...most people.

Live At The Cumby,

76 Causeway Rd, Glanville

Thurs 7, 14 Mar at 7pm FP$20

Granny Flaps

These Lips Don’t Lie

Granny is back with her

unique spin on all things

love, life and ‘bonding’.

Get ready for a night so

funny and naughty you’ll be

slipping off your seat!

The British Hotel

13 North Pde, Port Adelaide

Fri 15, 22 Feb at 8pm FP$25

C$20 Gr$20



Why does South Australia

and Victoria always seem

to have a big rivalry in

sports and other major

events? Find out who is the

better state in a comedy


Live At The Cumby

76 Causeway Rd, Glanville

Wed 27, Thurs 28 Feb, Fri 1

Mar at 7pm FP$12-$20 C$15


Get Sweatier with

Cheryl and Chardee

The dynamic duo are

returning to celebrate the

80s, aerobics and the art

of thigh chafing. For those

who fondly recall waking

up early to watch ‘Aerobics

Oz Style’ and worshiped

Jane Fonda, this show was

made for you.

The British Hotel,13 North

Pde, Port Adelaide

Fri-Sat 15-16 Feb at 7pm

FP$20 C$17 Gr$17