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Homer’s Odyssey

The Musical

Odysseus is an old man

now living in his country

in Ithaca. He spends his

time singing and telling

the stories of TrojanWar,

Cyclops, the underworld,

Circe, Calypso, suitors,

Penelope and more. An

adaptation by Loucas


The British Hotel,13 North

Pde, Port Adelaide

Fri 22 Feb at 6pm FP$25 C$20

Ch$15 F$60 Gr$19

A Greek Tragedy

‘Oedipus Rex – The

King’ The Musical

Sophocles’ 400 BC

masterpiece play concerns

Oedipus’ search for the

murderer of Laius in order

to end a plague ravaging

Thebes, unaware that the

killer he is looking for, is

none other than himself.

Loucas Loizou’s adaptation

is part musical.

The British Hotel - Upstairs,

13 North Pde, Port Adelaide

(Not wheelchair accessible)

Sat 23 Feb at 6pm

FP$25 C$20 Ch$15 F$15

BankSA$19.50 YEP!$10

Pirates of Penzance

ARRGGHH!! The Pirates

are back! Hilarious one-

hour adaptation of Gilbert

& Sullivan’s classic operetta

with a local cast of eight.

Live piano accompaniment


MV Dolphin Explorer,

QueensWharf, Port Adelaide

Sun 17 Mar at 5pm FP$35

C$31 Ch$21.50

Out To Lunch

With a hint of the uncanny,

dramatic mime artist Jenn

Manders takes you on an

immersive journey through

ageing, dying and emerging.

Music by composer Maria

Fletcher and commentary

by Nadine Brown. Be

prepared to be moved!

Mixed Creative, 32 Nile St,

Port Adelaide

Wed-Thurs 13-14, Sat 16 Mar

at 6.30pm FP$20 C$15